Studio Communications

The Agency

STUDIO Communications is a Houston based public relations agency focused on amplifying the presence and image of both established and emerging businesses across various luxury lifestyle categories.

The company was formed in 2002 with a client service strategy combining the hands-on approach of a smaller firm with the expertise and national touch of a larger agency. The STUDIO Communications team is adept at creating specialized publicity programs to meet the individual needs and goals of clients. A mix of creative and strategic components - often combining both media and community relations initiatives - serve to build awareness, leverage growth and increase revenues. As natural storytellers with a deep understanding of culture and media, we oversee all aspects of the creative process from inception to active campaigns.

STUDIO’s evolution and expanding sphere of influence has paralleled that of the city it inhabits. Clients are regularly featured in local, regional and national print outlets. Clients also experience significant online exposure, affiliations with top social media influencers and extensive television and radio coverage.

Thriving on style and originality, STUDIO delivers excellence for all clients - large or small, local or national.